Single Line Diagram (SLD) Generation

“Single Line Diagram (SLD)” is an important electrical document for every industry. We developed a software tool called “Autogen-SLD” in the year 2009.This tool is mainly used to draw an SLD automatically from the input (excel format) which is having all electrical parameters needed for SLD.

This will run in “AutoCAD”. We will get the complete SLD in AutoCAD as a result. Since, only little amount of manual work in the whole process, the accuracy of the output is almost 100%

Interconnection Generation

Interconnection / Termination Details” is a major document while doing the erection work at site and it is useful in trouble shooting of any repaired equipment / Instrument. So, we customized the PC Schematic & EL Automation software (Which are available in market) in order to create interconnection drawings automatically

Here excel (input file) is converting to drawing file. And also we are master in developing excel macros, by which we are able to deliver the interconnection details in excel itself. So, based on customer demands we are delivering the Outputs

Power & Control Schemes Generation

“Power & Control Scheme Drawing” is an essential document for all MCC / PMCC. Whenever our customer demands us to provide these drawings, we collect the data from MCC/PMCC panel vendor

Then we create Power & Control Scheme Drawing for the respective panels automatically. This is an error free document, since no manual involvement in this process.

Block Interlocking Diagram (BID) Generation


“Block Interlocking Diagram (BID)” is a raw input for PLC/DCS programming sectors peoples. Our customized PC Schematic EL Automation software will able to produce BID automatically.

Here we further developed different tools for different PLC/DCS vendors like ABB, Siemens & FL Smith

3D Cable Routing

Cable routing is very essential document for every plant. whenever our customer demands us to provide 3D cable routing for load center, specific areas , etc.

Our customized Cadison software used to produce 3D cable routing. Cable tray quantity, tray supports quantity, cable route details, cable disposition and sectional drawings are created automatically.